Wild Irish Black Bees

Here at the Irish Black Bee Company we are all about the native Irish Black Bee. Our products incorporate the best that Ireland’s flora has to offer, it’s sweetest treasure.

From the unspoilt Irish countryside, local black honey bees harvest nectar and distill it to sweet honeys, beeswax and other components packed with natural goodness.

The Irish black bee, Apis mellifera mellifera, represents the pinnacle of bee evolution, as they are among the hardiest and longest living bee species due to the cold Irish winters and relatively cool, often wet summers.

Unfortunately, due to increased pressure from agricultural development and the introduction of non-native species into Ireland, this bee is now endangered. More than ever, it is vital that we ramp up conservation efforts to save this critical component of our Irish wildlife and heritage.

The Irish Black Bee Company was established with this goal very much in mind – to promote the Irish honey and bee product industry, resulting in improved financial stability for local farmers and incentives to expand and sustain existing honey production infrastructure.